It was then she saw him, a tall man standing nearby, staring at her with the most captivating blue
eyes she had ever seen. As their eyes locked, they seemed to carry on a brief conversation. Jenny
had the sensation of being struck with a powerful object, so intense was her reaction to this man.

As he continued to hold her with his gaze, she took in every detail of his appearance. He looked to
be about twenty-four or twenty-five. His brown hair lay in thick waves over his forehead. His face was
angular, with strong but perfectly carved features. His tall frame was impressive, and emphasized by
the muscle of his all-male form. He was dressed in a western-styled, light blue shirt and a pair of
neatly pressed, new-looking jeans.

Jenny remained transfixed, trapped by the stare of a stranger. She had never met a man who could
make her feel so strange. Her insides felt weak but at the same time were giving birth to a sensation
she never knew existed.

With a force of sheer will, Jenny turned her eyes away from this man who for a moment had wielded
the potential power to turn her well-planned future upside down.

Copyright(c)Debra Lee